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Every idea, started as nothing. Your idea, can start now. 

Hi friend! You may or may not know me yet, but I'm Rachel, and if you take ANYTHING away from knowing me, it's that I truly believe YOU can be and build ANYTHING you on this planet.

Through building multiple businesses in my twenties, coaching hundreds of clients, quitting my 9-5, and masters program--- I am all about taking risks and believing in the dream YOU feel in your heart. I'm obsessed with strategy, creating plans to bring these ideas to life, but also know the importance of WORKING on ourselves, and our daily personal development and growth through my psychology degree and life coaching background. I've been apart of a ton of female founder success stories, and I am here to help YOU. I am obsessed with anything community, everything Go Getter, and seeing and teaching you how to launch your BIG ideas, into your dream brands and businesses.

You may know me as the founder of Go Getter Girl Company, my heart and soul, founded in February 2020. The Go Getter Girl Planner, or our handbags-- in which I consider myself an author and fashion designer of sorts. And this, my friend-- this is only the beginning!


I'm here to help you make massive changes within both your life and business, and talk all things entrepreneurship & CHOOSING the unknown.

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Your Business Coach to START or SCALE your big dreams, or start your second business. Whether you are just starting out, or making 6 figures+, there is always a next level.  

I work with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, whether you are JUST starting out and everything is still an idea, or whether you already have a full time business you are ready to take to the NEXT Level.

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Join me, Rachel Marie, every week to chat all things entrepreneurship and GO GETTER. I dive into all things behind the scenes, founder tips, + taking ACTION to build your dreams. 

I know first hand that we can do ANYTHING we set our minds too. I never GAVE UP on going after my dreams. I STARTED, and made my dreams- MY REALITY. Now, it’s YOUR turn.


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