Many of you might know me as the founder of Go Getter Girl Company, and some of you might not know me at all yet, and some know me from @rachmaieoffiial and my coaching programs, or my podcast: Go Getter Entrepreneur. 

I started my entrepreneur journey 9 years ago, (whoa) in 2013 with my first brand, which I started in the online space as a fitness coach. Full-time, I actually worked with kiddos with special needs with my psychology degree and worked on their behaviors. My fitness coaching online brand was just a part time gig for awhile where I tried to CONVINCE myself-- "it was never going to be something I'd do full time. I am meant for more".

Welcome to, changing your life. 

It’s me, the founder, Rachel, known as Rach Marie

Well, I soon realized, EXACTLY that.
I was meant for more, and that WASN'T my original path. It WASN'T my 9-5.

I ended up quitting my full-time 9-5 job, dropped my masters and went ALL in on my business. A few years later, I completely piovted from fitness coaching life coaching and high level masterminds using my psychology and mental health degree and background to help you navigate your purpose, your greatest dreams, and not only gain clarity on them– take ACTION to ACHIEVE them and make it your reality.

Fast forward to helping hundreds of women change their lives, and start their dream business- I founded my second child: Go Getter Girl Company. 

This company was born off an idea during a 5 hour long car ride, February 2020. Starting and building THIS product base, I can honestly say, is hands down the HARDEST thing I have done in my life but also the MOST rewarding. It’s the definition of making something out of NOTHING.

100% obsessed with helping YOU see your potential, and take ACTION to make it your reality. 

Through 8 years of entrepreneurship, multiple brands & my degree in Psychology, Mental Health & Behavior-- you can find that background tied into all of my products and coaching. 

Business Coach


I almost went to school for fashion design, and here we are. All of our products (journals, handbags etc) I design that all start with just an idea.

I find myself to be a major creative and visionary, where I can truly picture something before it's a physical product or thing yet. Designing products is my absolute favorite thing to do.


I've GOT your back. I fully understand where you're at because I at one point, was in a vey similar boat.

I had NO support, NO funds to stary my dreams, and NO proof it would workout. But I've shown up for MYSELf, everyday since. 


We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?


Every big dream starts as an idea.

I’ve been a go-getter my whole life and it’s absolutely incredible to me that we now have a brand based off of everything I’ve always been and believed in.

Against what everyone told me I should do, I quit my masters degree program and my 9-5 job years ago, at the age of 24, not knowing what the next chapter held but KNOWING I was meant for more.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a while prior to having this business, and have been coaching online and building my first brand for the last 7 years. I’ve transitioned over the years, into life coaching with my psychology background, and now business coaching, dedicated to helping women take massive action to reach their goals, and launch their big ideas into BRANDS.

With the life coaching tools I had been teaching my life coaching clients, I knew I needed a planner that could implement these tools and be accessible, in an actual product. I have helped thousands of women find clarity in their dream path, what they really want out of life, and take action to make it happen and build the life & businesses of THEIR dreams. In our planners, you will see my psychology degree and mental health background in our life coaching, clarity, and goal setting!

This brand has truly connected EVERY single piece leading up to this point. It connects WHY I originally quit my job. And it’s because I was meant to be here.

But here’s the thing: back then, I didn’t know the big picture. The risks, the scary things--led me HERE.

I can promise you, your dreams are worth fighting for.

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